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Michelle Forsyth
Michelle Forsyth

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Ever since as a kid, I’ve always been amazed by the way automotive affected humanities in general. From car to trains, machines have always been a source of fascination. Distance has been conquered by the speed of a car. Countries and cities has been connected by trains. There was a time that my teacher assigned us an assignment to write a story about things that are interesting for us as a kid. During the travel back to our house using my dad’s car, this idea struck me that my father’s car is interesting, so I got his attention, asked some childish details then started with my assignment. I wrote my childish article to my heart’s content, and I am happy doing it.

You could say that the a two page story of my Dad’s car that I created as an assignment is the beginning of this website. It is the first time that I did my assignment as a kid eagerly, not just for the sake of doing an assignment. That is the time that I discovered that I have this innate yearning for writing. Combine that with the need to understand the role of a car in our society, and you got Tripos Transport.

I won’t be providing deep analysis of the new cars, like performance, mileage and horsepower, those kind of geeky stuff, but what I will be providing are an analysis of the social impact of cars, trending automotive news and stuff that you should learn about as a car owner of these society. These posts will be created not just for your entertainment, but also to provide you with knowledge and insight that you can use in real life. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed and be ensured that each article produced is something that is worth your precious time.

I will not be doing all of these alone though, so if you want to post a guest article, wanna feature a car of your friend or have a content that you want to be posted here at Tripos Transport, go to our contact page, fill up the form and get connected to us. We will be more than happy to review it, modify it as needed and of course, make sure that you’ll be credited for it.