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Tripos IT was established in 1996. 

Our mission:

Tripos helps small to medium sized businesses to increase margins and profit and improve client/customer service through optimisation of information and office systems and administrative processes.

With Tripos IT, experience counts.

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Is Your Business Secure?
In the event of a catastrophe, how long would it take you to get up and operating again?  A day?  A week?  A month?  Never!

Think about what you must do in the event of a crisis and build this into a disaster recovery and business continuity plan.  It may save your business and your home.

Call me if you would like some direction in this critical business security process.

Getting snailmail into your data store.
The hardest items to get into your electronic file are hard copy, like snail mail, signed forms, brochures etc. 

If your present apporoach seems to be tedious and convoluted, ask for help.  One quick phone call and you could be on the way to happier, more productive administrative staff which leads to more profit and better client service.

Call Tripos IT today for sound, reliable IT and OT advice.


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There are potentially two ways to obtain remote support from Interintra.

Call 08 8272 7555, option 1, and log a support call with their helpdesk operator.  You may then be asked to load TriposAssist.

For TriposAssist, click to download below.

If you are not an existing client, please contact us on the telephone number above and ask us about our support options: remote, on site or in workshop.


We are represented in the
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Viruses, Spam and Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA's) are a cause for major concern for small and large businesses alike, as well as being major cost factors in Internet traffic bills.

Tripos IT is a reseller of Sophos products including its world leading Internet Security suite, its range of UTM options and its newly released Cloud suite.

To try out the Sophos Cloud Suite, please click here and follow the prompts.

If your systems are insecure, please call Tripos or visit www.sophos.com.au.

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Why You Should Call Tripos IT

Experience:  in all things to do with Office and Information Technology.

Service:  you are the reason we come to work and we value you as our client.

Unbiased recommendations:  we work to achieve what you want to achieve.

Stable and robust systems: we design systems and processes that will provide you with a solution that will work for you with minimum interruption to your staff for many years.

Sensible, commercial solutions:  we have been in this industry since the early 1970s and we understand business as well as IT and OT. We will provide a solution with a reasonable ROI.

We talk English:  we will not try to bamboozle you with jargon.  We will talk to you in a way that we believe will allow you to understand what we are trying to communicate.  If we don't, ask us to explain again.

We provide a one hour initial requirements assessment at NO CHARGE.


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